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Process Manual Development

One of our qualified service professional consultants will spend one week in the dealership. We will interview general manager, service manager and service writer(s) to determine scope of current accepted service processes. We will then observe these practices from the service drive as they actually occur. We will then compile analysis of the perceived processes and compare to what is actually taking place. We will review this analysis with the general manager, service manager, support staff, etc… The review will determine the basis for your dealership’s service process manual. We will then create the service process manual as it was observed and agreed upon by management.


  • The entire service staff now has an agreed upon base for the way service business will be conducted across the board.
  • Customers will receive similar experiences from visit to visit or from service advisor to service advisor. This will ultimately raise customer confidence and reciprocate profit and CSI.
  • Management may review sections of the manual at each service meeting to insure all employees remain on the same focus as the entire organization
  • The manual is developed and agreed upon by all, there will be no excuses for inconsistent service procedures in dealing with the vast array of customer concerns and vehicles that are present everyday in every service department
  • All dealership departments can become more familiar with service day-to-day operations to increase efficiency of the entire operation