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Phone Training


Why use Mitchell’s phone training?
We have over 40 years of establishing sales strategies, dealership cultures, and successful real world strategies that will transcend a dealership’s operating culture from an environment of impulse management to one of internal coaching, accountability, and teamwork.

What is a Mystery Caller?
Phone calls made to the dealers by professionals who pretend to be customers following a pre-determined script.The mystery caller creates all kinds of situations to test the staff in their professionalism and sales strategy.  A "Mystery-Caller” simulates an attempt of a purchase/appointment and evaluates based on predefined quality characteristics.

Objective: Establish a sales strategy that matches the dealership’s sales culture with follow-up to maintain the culture.
Obtain an uncontested process of the company’s inbound calls, thus showing vital points which could not be identified by the owners/principals/managers on strategy culture.

Step 1 - Development of the Checking Points
These points will be developed as needed and the script will be provided by the contractor.

Step 2 - Mystery Caller - Phone Calls to the Sales/Service/Parts Department.
Phone calls will be made to a dealer, using a non tracking number, with the objective of evaluating the telephone service and help to develop and track continuously your sales/service/parts department.

Step 4 - Analysis of the Questionnaires
The analysis will be made up of a sales questionnaire with a methodology developed by Mitchell’s.

Step 5.1 - Presentation of the Outcome
After conducting all activities, Mitchell’s will send a full report of the results and the telephone recordings.


Customer Calls




Mystery Caller

Recorded Phone

Recorded Phone

Recorded Phone

Weekly Report

Weekly Report

Weekly Report

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

per month for 6
months commitment




Calls are made after hours as well as during business hours to both service and parts departments.

Step 5.2 – Monitor the Outcome with our Manage by Winning Software
As an alternative to us making the calls for you, you can monitor your employees by using our Mange by Winning software.  This allows you to specify the items you care about and that are important to your business.  You can learn more about Manage by Winning at www.managebywinning.com.  Manage by Winning may also be used as a coaching tool to increase dollars per repair order, CSI, and repair order contact.  Contact us for more details.

Ask for the Sale/ Commitment 

  • Do not let the customer off the phone without asking for the order!
  • Make sure you offer service installation to every customer who orders a part!
  • Thank your customer for calling!

 Example of a coaching call:
A customer calls and asks for a price on brakes. “the usual answer from an advisor is $???.?? per axle. We suggest that the advisor ask the caller why they think that they need brakes? Then offer a free brake inspection and ask the caller to make an appointment.

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