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Fixed Operations Consulting

A dealership service department is an ever-changing environment. New technology, management changes and new customer expectations are just the tip of the iceberg. Now that we have developed a process manual each dealership may require a review and possible changes to processes that are not working or have evolved as service personnel become more adept at completing their daily tasks. We will place a service professional in the dealership to review these processes with management and employees, observe actual practices and once again make recommendations that will benefit the organization, employees and customers. We will also update the service process manuals to reflect any agreed upon changes. We recommend, at a minimum, a 90 day review and annually after this initial review.


  • Management will receive first hand account of what is actually occurring and where improvements can be made
  • Employees review what they have already learned from the process manual and can assist in the improvement process. Management again has the “buy in” of the entire staff.
  • All service staff obtains a base line and can quantify processes that are working and those that need improvement or complete overhaul
  • Clear lines of communication between staff and management
  • Consistency among employees for completing daily tasks
  • Recommendations from service professionals that have years of experience operating a dealership service department
  • Dealership has less exposure to warranty inconsistencies, repair order documentation and overall service operation