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Dealership - Buy / Sell / Closure / Acquisition Services

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In any dealership acquisition or closure process, whether you are the buyer or the seller, a parts inventory and fixed operations equipment specialist is a resource essential to protect both parties. These are complicated transactions and often fixed assets and parts inventory investments are overlooked or become an after thought. These assets are often the dealer’s second highest cash at risk properties in the overall value of the operation.

Our job at Mitchell’s is to let the buyer and seller know all parts, fixed assets, and tools that are physically present. We establish a fair market price on these assets and report them according to the terms of the acquisition or dissolution contract. We work with the manufacturer to maximize termination returns for both parties.
Most of these transactions include assets that fall outside the parameters of the contract. We record and report these items and work with the buyer and seller to create the best options for cashing out of these investments.